IT Consulting & Services


  • Datenanalytiker / Business Intelligence Experte
  • 44 years professional experience
  • Proactive thinking for all new challenges and technologie
  • Strong analytical skills to optimize the use, consolidation and integration of existing data
  • Open empirical approach
  • Committed to finding the most efficient and simple solution to customer needs
  • Rapid realization of prototypes to improve communication with customers
  • Fluent in Spanish, German and English

Datenanalyse / Business Intelligence​

  • Many years of experience in the analysis and presentation of data including migration from the "old world" to the new BI environment.
  • Ability to see connections that are not visible at first.

Charging und Billing

  • Development of a dynamic, scalable, adaptable loading and billing system.
  • Development of the corresponding reporting system
  • Technological updates


  • Analysis of existing data and systems
  • Standardization of data structures
  • Optimization of queries
  • Oracle SQL Developer
  • ITIL
  • PHP
  • Nintex Workflows
  • Nintex Forms
  • Javascript
  • Powerpoint
  • HTML
  • Excel
  • Think Cell
  • Edifact

Privat Customers

  • 44 years of professional experience as an IT expert
  • Solution-oriented thinking
  • Curiosity and inventiveness
  • The pleasure of imparting my knowledge
  • Support for all IT problems
  • Fluent in Spanish, German and English

PC introduction

  • You bought a computer. Maybe your first one. But you won't find a manual.
  • You need a personal instruction in how it works.
  • Contact me!

PC support

  • You need to update to a new software version.
  • You want to change your Internet provider without risking an interruption.
  • You are having problems formatting your document.
  • Maybe you want someone to take care of your computer once a month.​
  • Contact me!

PC troubleshooting

  Problems are coming up:

  • a document has disappeared
  • the computer stops responding
  • the printer strikes
  • the computer slows down
  • mails cannot be found
  • Need some help?
  • Contact me!
  • Windows
  • Ubuntu
  • Mac OS
  • Thunderbird
  • Word
  • Excel
  • LibreOffice
  • Powerpoint
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Webmail